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Winterizing Your Vehicle in Kansas City

Winterizing Your Vehicle in Kansas City

Photo by Saish Menon  on Unsplash Winterizing Your Vehicle in Kansas City Winter is fast approaching, and it's time for a few maintenance tasks to keep your car on the road during the cold months. At Brookside “66” Service in Kansas City, we’ve supported Kansas City drivers winterizing their vehicles for years. Here are some winterizing tips that can help keep you safe and on the road. Prepare For Ice Storms With New Tires The tread on your tires will be significant as the roads get slippery, especially when the ice-storm season hits. Make sure the tread on your tires is still intact using the “penny test”--just stick a penny between the tread of your tires, and if you can see Lincoln’s face, then your tread is low. A new set might not always be necessary. Depending on your vehicle, a tire rotation may do you some good. However, if the t ... read more