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The auto mechanics, service advisors, and rest of the Brookside "66" Service team offer old-school service to families throughout Kansas City and Brookside. We strive to continue to stay on the cutting-edge of the ever-evolving automotive industry. We encourage you to take a look at our blog posts. That's where we post engaging, entertaining, and educational posts about auto repair and preventative maintenance.


Schedule your Auto Repair Before Temperatures Rise!

Warmer temps are on the way and to make sure your A/C is ready to keep you cool, schedule your vehicle air conditioning service today with Brookside “66” Service auto repair. Regular maintenance extends the life of your vehicle and keeps you safe on the road, and this includes air conditioning service. Not only is Brookside “66” Service a local, family-owned business, it is a NAPA Auto Care Center specializing in national and foreign auto repair, meaning you can rest assured your make and model of vehicle is well known to Brookside’s technicians. They are ASE-certified to inspect your vehicle A/C system, as well as repair or replace broken parts, including inspections for loose, broken belts, leaks, A/C operation, and system recharge. Air conditioning service can prevent costly repairs down the road. Don’t let that loud squealing noise when you turn on the A/C continue, as it could mean a loose ... read more



Regular Brake Service Is Crucial Car Maintenance

Proper car maintenance, including regular brake service, is critical to safe driving. The brake system is probably the most important system in your vehicle. Most modern cars have disc brakes on the front wheels and drums on the back, while older or smaller vehicles often have all drum systems, and some expensive or high-performance cars have discs on all four wheels. All brake systems wear out eventually, but wear over time depends on several factors like driving habits, environment, and materials. Some vehicle manufacturers include brake service in their car maintenance schedule, but all brake systems should be inspected at regular time or mileage intervals, usually every 4-6 months or 5,000-7,000 miles. If rust or dirt buildup is causing brake noise, or if inspection turns up signs of seizing up or sticking, it is time for servicing. Brake service at Brookside “66” includes removing excess rust, cleaning, and lubricating of brake components to keep them ... read more



European Car Repair Is More Affordable At Brookside “66” Than A Dealership

European car repair is available at affordable prices at Brookside “66” in Kansas City. When you drive a European car, finding a service center that can perform repairs can often be a challenge. There simply might not be a repair shop nearby that services your vehicle. What do you do? Panic? Set aside an entire day to travel to have a repair performed. A major issue could leave you without a car for days or even weeks. Who do you turn to for precise European car repair? For years, owners have trusted their European car repair services to Brookside “66” service. We offer far more advantages to our customers than dealerships. Contrary to popular opinion, a dealership does not equate to quality service. In many instances, a specialty European car repair shop will have more experienced technicians on staff. This means you as the customer will receive a higher quality mechanic at half the cost of the dealership. Many of the independent special ... read more

European Car Repair Includes Regular Tune-Ups To Keep Your Vehicle Running Smoothly

European car repair is handled by professionals at Brookside “66”. Brookside “66” has a state-of-the-art service facility to pamper your car. We can handle everything from your routine factory servicing of major repairs and diagnostics and use Original Equipment quality parts. If you are tired of the slow dealer service, come experience the difference at a smaller, independent European car repair specialist that can get most parts by the next business day. You can be sure your car is repaired properly and on time at Brookside “66”. A more involved European car repair service, or Euro tune-up, is highly recommended at 100,000 miles. Unless these items have been replaced recently, spark plugs, spark plug wires, oxygen sensors, the fuel filter and possibly the ignition coils should be replaced. By this time, they are past their normal life expectancy and ... read more

Auto Repair At Brookside “66” Includes Factory Scheduled And Preventive Maintenance

Auto repair at Brookside “66” includes preventive maintenance and factory-scheduled maintenance. This ensures that your vehicle will be kept in top shape and running as it should be. These types of maintenance are important because vehicles need to be checked regularly and on schedule before a more costly repair crops up. Tires should also be balances and wheels aligned every six months or 6,000 miles. Routine balancing will ensure that weight is distributed equally around the axle so that your tire doesn’t wobble or bump along when driving. Wheel alignment consists of making sure your tires are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the road, which will improve your drive comfort and fuel efficiency simultaneously. Every six to 12 months, new windshield wipers should be installed. Although you don’t rely on them every day, the days you do need them, you really need them. Windshield wipers will stop making proper contact with your windshield over time, cau ... read more


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