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Tuesday, Jul. 9th 2019

European Car Repair And Pre-Purchase Inspections Are Offered At Brookside “66”

European car repair and pre-purchase inspections are specialties at Brookside “66” and are done at affordable prices. When you drive a European car, finding a service center that can perform repairs can often be a challenge. There simply might not be a repair shop nearby that services your vehicle. 

Who do you turn to for precise European car repair? For years, owners have trusted their European car repair services and pre-purchase inspections to Brookside “66” Service.

Contrary to popular opinion, a dealership does not equate to quality service. In many instances, a specialty European car repair shop will have more experienced technicians on staff. This means you as the customer will receive a higher quality mechanic at half the cost of the dealership. Many of the independent specialty shops are able to locate problem with pinpoint accuracy. If a repair is needed, the car owner can expect their vehicle to fixed with a high degree of workmanship.

As with all other vehicles we service, Brookside “66” provides a 52-point inspection on your European vehicle. This can help keep your repair bills under control by knowing about minor issues before they become major (and expensive) hassles.

European car repair and pre-inspection purchases are available at Brookside "66"

In order to maintain a valid warranty, European vehicles often require proper maintenance records. We provide you with the proper documentation required to keep your warranty valid and provide a valuable vehicle history.

If you are looking to buy a European vehicle and would like to have it inspected before purchasing it, Brookside “66” Service provides pre-purchase inspections so that you make an informed decision.

Brookside “66” has years of experience performing pre-purchase inspections.

  1. Don’t fall in love with a vehicle until you have done a little homework.
  2. After you have narrowed it down, talk it over with the shop you use, and get their feedback.
  3. You usually get more information about a vehicle when you buy straight from the owner, and you usually get a better deal on vehicles that are 1- to 3-years old.
  4. Once you have found one you like: Ask for receipts of maintenance history. Walk around the car, check paint, body panel gaps for evenness, chips, dents, stains in seats or carpet, funny smells, etc. Then have it inspected by an independent ASE-Certified technician. This means not from the dealership you are buying it from. They will be able to tell if the vehicle has been well maintained or had any water/flood damage. Never buy a used vehicle based only what the seller tells you. Get an educated second opinion. It is money well spent.
  5. There is no law that makes a seller have to buy back a bad vehicle you have purchased so you must do all the upfront work to protect yourself.
  6. If they make it seem like it is a big inconvenience for them to part with the car to have it checked out – then move on.
  7. If the deal is too good to be true, then it usually is.
  8. Find a vehicle you think you’d like to purchase? Protect your investment. Our detailed and highly trained ASE-certified technicians specialize in pre-purchase inspections for customers looking to purchase a used vehicle. We will perform our complete 50-point pre-purchase inspections sheet for you to take and help you make more informed choices before purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.
  9. This same 50-point inspection may be used before your family takes a road trip to make sure your vehicle is in safe operating condition or to determine whether you want to keep your existing vehicle or go shopping for another one.

For more information about European car repair and pre-purchase inspections, call Brookside “66” at (816) 333-0565. To send a message or make an appointment, click here.

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