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Your 2021 Travel Checklist

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash



With more and more hospitality industries opening up on full blast, travel is undoubtedly making its way back to everyone, everywhere this month! We want to make sure you prepare for anything and everything that holiday traffic might throw at you. 


To assure you are ready for your next big adventure, we have compiled a travel checklist. The list includes essentials and must-haves, whether you are taking a road trip or using air travel. We recommend carrying a few items with you: 


Essentials: These are the key items and documentation we recommend to carry with you no matter where you go! If crossing our southern border into Mexico, Passport and Photo IDs could be needed at any point, so you might as well be prepared for any scenario. Travel itinerary and proof of receipts are a couple of other items we recommend to ensure that everything is ready to roll according to how you planned. Lastly, carrying either your COVID-19 vaccination card or a recent COVID-19 negative results confirmation is essential for any trip to verify that you can travel safely. 


Personal/Health & Beauty: Comfort is critical for travel. It is crucial to invest in a few items that will make a long trip bearable! Items we suggest for this are neck pillows, blankets, and eye masks. Electronic items such as headphones, laptops/tablets, chargers, and adapters help make any long-distance trip more entertaining. For those who choose to stay away from technology, books and magazines can provide the same distraction. We recommend packing sunscreen, makeup/hair essentials, lip moisturizer, and lotion to keep polished and fresh. It is crucial not to forget medications and vitamins as they can be vital to feeling better while traveling. Hand sanitizer and bug spray are priority health items we recommend to bat off those pesky mosquitoes and germs. Finally, carrying a first aid kit is crucial to everyone’s safety and protection. 


Toiletries: It is also essential to consider packing hygienic items to feel fresh and clean. If using shampoo and conditioner is too much of a hassle to apply while on the road, you should consider carrying the dry versions of these items for more effortless application. Deodorant and body wash helps to cleanse as well, but body wipes can also ease the process of cleaning if you are stuck in a car. Last but not least, toothbrushes and toothpaste are essential to keep those pearly whites shining wherever you are! 


Car Essentials: Over-packing can seem as bad at times, but not when it comes to carrying safety items in your vehicle. We recommend packing a spare tire, backup oil/coolant/wiper fluid, a flashlight, jumper cables, a tire pressure gauge, a multi-tool, and road flares/tactical triangles as preventive safety measures. We also suggest having your car’s registration and insurance as well as having your current roadside assistance information ready. 


Before heading off on your trip, make sure you visit us at 6244 Main St., Kansas City, MO 64113, or book your appointment here to make sure everything is running smoothly. We want to make sure that your vehicle is safe for you. Brookside “66” Service would be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have!