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What All Auto Repair Technicians Want from Santa

With December arriving, our stockings are hanging from our counters with care. We’re focused on our work and busy as ever, but when we break and head home, we’re looking to the skies for Santa.

Everyone loved gifts in the holiday season, and auto repair technicians are certainly no exception. Here’s a list of the things all auto repair technicians hope that Santa will bring them for the new year!

  • Tools - Now, we’ve got great tools at Brookside, for all our needs, to cover your car completely-- but what technician in his right mind snubs his nose at more, better tools? We’re certainly excited as small breakthroughs in technology continues to make our work easier and simpler.
  • Digital Vehicle Inspections - It’s the gift that gives back. So many shops have yet to move up to Digital Vehicle Inspections, but it’s where we all want to be. With DVI, We’re able to show customers exactly what issues their vehicles have in photos and videos, and allow them to approve the work we request from their email or text message. It allows us to be transparent with our customers in a way that feels good, and it’s something we know auto repair technicians across the country are hoping for in their stockings.
  • 2021 cars and beyond - we love cars of all shapes and sizes, but the newest ones have exciting breakthroughs in technology we’re excited to work on someday. Augment reality heads up displays and 48-Volt electrical systems are just some of the advancements we can’t wait to get our hands on.
  • A Closer Relationship With Our Customers - we really hate to be the bearer of bad news when a customer’s car needs a great deal of work. We try hard to nudge everyone in the direction of preventive maintenance, because it’s where we can do the best work and save the customer the most money. We’d really like to build a better understanding with all of our customers that we have the best interests at heart, for real and for true.

More customers and more coworkers - at Brookside 66, we LOVE what we do. We just need more of you here to do it. And once we get more of you, we’re gonna need more of us to take your needs on! So we hope we grow in 2021 and build on the great year we’ve had.

That’s pretty much the universal list for auto repair technicians! We hope to see you before the holidays to wish you the best of days, and if we don’t, we hope you’ll be safe and well until we see you again in 2021. From all of us at Brookside, thank you for a great year. 

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