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Werewolves and Willpower: Keeping Anger Out of Your Commute

Image by methodshop from Pixabay 


Road rage is one of the most dangerous situations we can encounter on the road. Angry people, flued by emotions, and behind the wheel of a 1-ton hunk of metal, that’s a recipe for a bad situation! It can be challenging to keep your cool when you feel wronged on the road, even harder when someone does something dangerous. This is why it is so important to keep your inner werewolf inside and exercise that willpower to keep yourself and your family safe!


Road rage creeps up; there you are going about your day, feeling perfectly fine, and suddenly someone cuts you off, almost hitting your front end as they do so! You might feel tempted to retaliate and show that person a thing-or-two, but we stress that you do not. Let’s practice turning the other cheek together and go over this list of how to keep anger out of your commute!


Drive the Speed Limit - Lead by example, follow the stated speed limit, and those around you are more likely to follow your example. This will keep you and your passengers safe on your commute and help to tone down the atmosphere of speed and greed!


Avoid Hand Gestures - We all know that feeling of wanting to express how you feel with your hands. This might be tempting, but it is one of the most dangerous things you can do. People are easily offended in these emotional circumstances, and making gestures with your hands could worsen the situation. Let the urge pass and focus on getting yourself to your destination safely.


Let People Pass - We know, easier said than done, right?! It might be a momentary hit to the ego, but it will help quell that werewolf inside if you just let people pass and go about their business.


Don’t Take it Personally - We all have things going on in our lives, and who knows what the other person is dealing with. Maybe they are facing an emergency situation. Just let them go about their day and don’t take their behavior personally. You’ll move on from the situation faster and safer.


Next time you feel your inner beast about to burst out, remember to take a deep breath and let it roll off your shoulders. We all have to share these roads, and nobody wants to encounter a werewolf on the highways, haha! Keeping your vehicle serviced and functioning properly can help keep you in a good mood too, break-downs and service issues can be a big pain-in-the-wallet!


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