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The importance of creating a New Year's resolution

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


Creating a New Year's resolution can help you become the person you aspire to be, and on this month's blog, we will explain to you the importance of having a New Year's resolution. It is hard to believe that Christmas is over already, and we have to focus on the year ahead! 


Have you thought about what habits you want to cultivate this new Year in order to become a new and better person? Here are three reasons why creating a New Year's habits resolution is essential. 


It will help you become who you want to be: Maybe you want to become a healthier and active person? Then setting up a new resolution of walking every day or eating more vegetables can allow you to have the healthy and active lifestyle you aspire to. 

It can provide stability: Having an idea and creating a plan of where you want to be in the next couple of months can help you be at the stability level you desire. 

It can drive you: How many times have you thought about "I will stop drinking," but then found yourself sharing a glass of wine with your friends? Just like you do, everyone else also is creating their goals for the new Year; then creating yours will drive you to encourage them to achieve theirs too! 


Remember that setting up goals is not complicated; achieving them is the issue! But with effort and dedication, you can always become that new person you always aspired to be. And here at Brookside "66" in Kansas City, we care and support you this new Year. 

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