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The Daily Grind: How To Maintain Your Brakes, Gears, and Tires

Welcome to the April blog! We’re going into spring with some thoughts on maintaining your brakes, gears, and tires.

Every part of your car experiences fatigue and decline, no matter what model you drive or how well you take care of your vehicle. But there are some simple things we sometimes neglect to do to help keep the three significant control elements-- Brakes, Gears, and Tires-- in better working order.

  • Brakes: The big sin with brakes is not paying attention to the road and then having to slam on the brakes. Every time you hit the brakes hard, you are wearing them down faster. It makes good sense to avoid situations that will force you to brake too hard in a moment of panic.
  • Gears: Our auto mechanics frequently spot two big sins people do every day. The first is drivers not using their parking brakes when parking. When your car is on an incline, that can put pressure on the transmission and causes damage. The other big sin is drivers switching gears from reverse to first (or to drive in an automatic) while the car is still moving. We imagine it feels incredible to do this kind of direct maneuver in a Magnum P.I. sort of way, but it damages the transmission over time, and it’s a bit unsafe, too.
  • Tires: The biggest sin are mechanics see with tires is complete neglect. Our auto mechanics sometimes see tires showing threads from uneven ware and never getting a rotation. Rotations are inexpensive and can extend the life of your vehicle’s tires, but some people tend to forget to look down to the point where their car meets the road.

One of the best ways to prevent fatigue is the most obvious: see your auto mechanic regularly! So if you are experiencing any issues with your brakes, transmission, or tires, don’t hesitate! Get in touch with Brookside “66” today for service! We’re here for you!


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