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Schedule your Auto Repair Before Temperatures Rise!

Warmer temps are on the way and to make sure your A/C is ready to keep you cool, schedule your vehicle air conditioning service today with Brookside “66” Service auto repair. Regular maintenance extends the life of your vehicle and keeps you safe on the road, and this includes air conditioning service.

Not only is Brookside “66” Service a local, family-owned business, it is a NAPA Auto Care Center specializing in national and foreign auto repair, meaning you can rest assured your make and model of vehicle is well known to Brookside’s technicians. They are ASE-certified to inspect your vehicle A/C system, as well as repair or replace broken parts, including inspections for loose, broken belts, leaks, A/C operation, and system recharge.

Air conditioning service can prevent costly repairs down the road. Don’t let that loud squealing noise when you turn on the A/C continue, as it could mean a loose belt, or water and/or oil contamination. Reduced cooling in your vehicle A/C unit could mean a failed or failing A/C compressor, freon leak, clogged expansion tube or refrigerant charging hose, failed blower motor or a damaged failed condenser. With warmer temps on the way, preventative maintenance is the best course of action to make sure your A/C is ready to keep you cool.

Auto repair for air conditioning systems are backed by the Napa Auto Care 24,000 mile/24 month nationwide warranty. So not only do you get a great warranty, but you can have peace of mind that air conditioning service prevents depreciation of your car, enhances vehicle performance and allow you to travel safely. Auto repair air conditioning service also gives you freedom of choice when repairs are made, instead of being blindsided by large, costly repairs later.

Contact Brookside “66” Service today, by Contact Us making an appointment online, or call to schedule your auto repair air conditioning service and make sure your A/C is ready to keep you cool as warmer temps are on the way!

Warmer temps are on the way so make sure your A/C is ready to keep you cool!