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How To Show Your Car Some Love During Missouri's Winter

Photo by Danny Sleeuwenhowk on Unsplash

How To Show Your Car Some Love During Missouri's Winter

Kansas City, you have fourteen days to make the ultimate Valentine’s Day reservation or pick up a delicious meal for one (because who says you can’t treat yourself on Valentine’s Day?!). Even if you don’t plan on celebrating with homemade cards or heart-shaped chocolates, one thing deserves some attention this time of year: your vehicle! 


Missouri’s weather is unpredictable and ever-changing, so your car must always be in tip-top shape for the road ahead. Below, I’ll go over some simple car care tips that can help you with your vehicle, a few preventative maintenance reminders, and even some DIY tips for showing your car some love this year. 

Car Care Tips for Missouri’s Winter 

The weather in Missouri can be unpredictable. We’ll have a few ice storms, a snowstorm, and a beautiful sunny sixty-day right in the middle. For this reason, your vehicle must properly treat tires, have adequate oil, and have a running battery. Some ways you can help take control of this are: 


  • Check Your Tire Tread Depth and Pressure. Properly inflated tires and good treads help provide better traction in wet or icy conditions. 
  • Change Your Oil Regularly. Oil helps keep your engine lubricated and running smoothly in cold temperatures. 
  • Check Your Battery. Cold weather can reduce battery life, so it’s vital to ensure that your battery is in good condition before the winter months.

Keep blankets, water, and emergency supplies (such as jumper cables, road hazard signs, etc.) in your vehicle. Don’t forget your ice scrapers, either! Additionally, always check the weather before heading out on the highway.

How to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly With Preventative Maintenance 

Being cautious goes pretty far, but it’s also essential you keep your car running smoothly throughout the year by providing your vehicle with preventative maintenance. If your car is running how it should all year long, you have a better chance of making it through winter's roughest storms.


I’d highly suggest going to your local mechanic (Brookside “66” Service if you’re nearby, of course!) to get your vehicle checked out quarterly. Your mechanic can check your oil, tires, brakes, and the like. If they have the technology we do, they can also run a Diagnostic Vehicle Inspection to let you know what other maintenance matters may be coming up soon, such as transmission or belt work

DIY Maintenance & Gifts to Show Your Car Some Love This Valentine's Day

Can you get your car a box of heart-shaped chocolates? No, that’s a little weird. But you can do a few things inside the cabin, such as cleaning up and vacuuming, to help your vehicle. 


A great DIY maintenance gift for your vehicle is interior cleaning. While the stale french fries in your cup holder don’t stop the engine from running, keeping a clean vehicle is important for maintaining safety. The last thing you want is something rolling under foot while driving, stopping you from hitting the brakes!


If you don’t already have these things in your car, I’d highly suggest the following:


  • Interior wipes. Having these within reach means you’re more likely to clean up messes immediately. 
  • A trash can. A designated spot for trash means garbage doesn’t end up on the floor. 
  • Cleaning putty. Cleaning putty is excellent for getting into hard-to-reach places for an all-over clean.

And if it’s nice enough outside (because we all know Kansas City has its fair share of pretty days in February), maybe detail the outside of your vehicle as well! 


Additionally, windshield wipers can make a massive difference as weather changes. Most of the time, wipers are easy enough to replace. However, Brookside “66” Service is always happy to do it for you

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