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How to Protect Yourself When Buying a Car "As Is"

Welcome to our March blog! We hope January and February have been good to you. This month, we’re looking into buying a used car in Kansas City. 

If you’re buying a used car “as is,” there’s a lot you should know about the vehicle before you give your money over. An essential element is understanding how the law protects you, as the buyer, or know how it doesn’t protect you.

The laws in most states cover you if you have a problem with the car you’ve just bought and are unsatisfied. Missouri is not one of those states. In Missouri, the lemon law covers NEW vehicles, forcing the seller to abide by the car’s inherent warranty. But no such protections come with new vehicles.

From the Attorney General’s office:

“In Missouri, a dealer may sell a used car “as is.” There are no specific warranties, and the warranties normally implied by Missouri law do not apply. You are responsible for any repairs on an “as is” vehicle. And remember, Missouri’s Lemon Law does not apply to used cars.”

With that in mind, buying a car “as is” is a buyer beware situation. You should always do the following things to protect yourself as the buyer:

  • Test-drive the car at rural speeds and on the highway.
  • Bring it to a qualified mechanic for an inspection.
  • Always view the car during daylight. Any damage will be easier to spot.
  • Order a title history to get to know where the car has been and what it has seen.
  • Make sure the title comes with the car. Don’t exchange the money until the title is in your hands with nothing borrowed against it.
  • Get any paperwork related to safety inspections, emissions, or warranties before paying.

Did you know you can bring the vehicle in question to Brookside for a pre-purchase inspection? If you need a good evaluation of a used car, we’re happy to help.


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