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Here's What Happens When You Organize Your Car

Photo by Richard Goff on Unsplash

Welcome to our May blog, “Here’s What Happens When You Organize Your Car”!

Do you ever approach your car with a sense of dread, like walking into a mess you didn’t make? Over time, and especially with kids, your car can become a jungle of the things you need but only situationally. It takes reflection and a serious cleaning effort to notice how we clutter our vehicles with things and items we rarely use. One helpful way of breaking through the clutter: organization.

The web is full of great ideas for getting some order back in your car. One of our favorites is a couch remote control holder from IKEA re-purposed as an item holder for your passenger seat. Backpacks can turn into children’s desks on the backs of the driver and passenger seats-- also a genuinely cool hack.

Then there’s the more obvious, “I should have thought of that myself” stuff, like putting your insurance card and registration together in a spill-proof location, such as a center divider, and using a clear make-up bag to make it easy to identify by touch. 

And then there’s your available storage. Ask yourself what’s in your glove compartment, and how often do you actually need it? Some of those items-- especially records and maintenance receipts-- could easily be moved to a secure box in the trunk, as you do not need it in a driving situation. 

(Some of these great ideas came from’s excellent guide to car organization, you can check it out at the link!)

When you clean and organize your car, you begin to change your narrative. Your car reflects your personality. Leaving it cluttered breaks that connection and makes it difficult to find what you need when you need it. When you organize your car, you hone your ability to travel with preparedness and have the sense of order to put yourself at ease.

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