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Heartland Heat: Seasonal Maintenance Tips for Your Missouri Drives

Photo by Briana Touzer on Unsplash

As summer sizzles in Missouri, the heartland heat can take a toll on you and your vehicle. At Brookside “66” Service in Kansas City, a trusted name in vehicle maintenance, we understand the importance of keeping your car in top condition during the year's hottest months. Here’s a guide to help you easily navigate the season and ensure your car is ready for those sweltering summer drives.

Beating the Heat: Key Areas of Focus

1. Air Conditioning System

Your car’s air conditioning (AC) system is your best friend during the hot summer. Ensure it’s running efficiently by having it inspected and serviced regularly. If your AC isn’t cooling as effectively, it might be time for a refrigerant recharge or an AC system check-up.

2. Cooling System

Your engine’s cooling system prevents overheating. Ensure your coolant levels are adequate, and consider flushing and refilling the coolant to maintain its effectiveness. Check hoses for signs of wear or leaks, as these can lead to significant issues if not addressed.

3. Battery

High temperatures can shorten your battery’s lifespan. Have your battery tested to ensure it’s holding a charge, and inspect for any signs of corrosion. Clean the terminals if necessary and ensure the battery is securely mounted.

4. Tires 

Hot pavement can cause tire blowouts if your tires are not in good condition. Check the tread depth and look for any signs of wear or damage. Ensure your tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended levels, as under-inflated tires can lead to overheating and potential blowouts.

5. Oil and Fluids

Regular oil changes are essential, especially during the summer. High temperatures can cause oil to break down faster, so keep an eye on oil levels and conditions. Additionally, check other fluids such as transmission, brake, and windshield washer.

Cool Road Trip Tips

Planning a summer road trip? Always have plenty of water on hand. Invest in a cooler to keep drinks and snacks cool during your journey if you’re headed out of town, as this can mean fewer stops. Fewer stops in Missouri’s humidity means that the car doesn’t have to keep cooling and re-cooling itself, and humidity won’t find it’s way in. 


Drivers, don’t forget to use sunshades on your windows to block out the harsh rays and keep the interior cooler. Consider using a windshield sunshade when parked.


If your A/C or cooling system is having issues, we want you to come in and see us ASAP. In the meantime, travel early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the hottest parts of the day. Plan stops to rest, stretch, and cool down.

Safety First: Protecting Kids and Pets

The summer heat can be dangerous, especially for children and pets. Here are some essential safety tips:


  • Never Leave Kids or Pets in the Car: Even with the windows cracked, the temperature inside a car can rise rapidly, leading to heatstroke or worse. Always take your children and pets with you, even if you step away for a few minutes.
  • Use Sun Shades: Install sunshades on your rear windows to protect your kids from direct sunlight and keep the car’s interior cooler.
  • Stay Vigilant: Always double-check the backseat before leaving the car. As a reminder, consider placing your phone, purse, or another essential item in the backseat.
  • Cool Down the Car: Before putting your children or pets in the car, let it cool down by running the AC for a few minutes. This helps to bring the temperature down to a safe level.
  • Hydration and Snacks: Keep cold water and snacks for your kids and pets. Staying hydrated is crucial during long summer drives.

Trust Brookside "66" Service for Your Summer Maintenance Needs

At Brookside "66" Service, we’re dedicated to keeping your vehicle running smoothly, no matter how hot it gets outside. Our expert technicians are here to provide top-notch service, ensuring your car is ready for all your summer adventures. Schedule a maintenance check today and drive confidently, knowing your vehicle is in the best possible condition. We're here to make your summer drives worry-free.


Stay cool, stay safe, and enjoy your Missouri summer drives! At Brookside "66" Service, our dedication to excellence shines through in every auto repair service we provide to the Kansas City community and beyond. Whether you're facing a minor tune-up or major repairs, our team is here to deliver top-notch care and expertise. Swing by our convenient location on Main St. to experience our commitment to quality firsthand, or give us a call to discuss your automotive needs.