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Five Ways You Can Show Your Car Some Love

Welcome to a new month! With the arrival of February, hearts will begin to anticipate Spring's renewal and the sharing of affections for Valentine's Day. Kansas City may still be under the specter of COVID19, but we still manage to find ways to show love on our special occasions.

Just as you shouldn't neglect your spouse or partner, you also shouldn't neglect your commuting partner who gets you to work on time: your car. This month, we're examining five things you can do to show your car some love this Valentine's Day.

  1. Look after your tires. Tires and brakes are what keeps you connected to the road. Without the proper tread, you can violently leave the road. Make sure you are getting your tires balanced, rotated, and replaced at regular intervals.
  2. Replace your fluids. Topping up your fluids is just a small part of what you can do to show care for your car. If those fluids are running dark (transmission, brake, coolant), it might be time to get them replaced altogether. "Flushes" can significantly prolong the life of your car when paired with other care tactics.
  3. Pay attention to the manufacturer's timeline. The manufacturer has a clear idea of how long parts last in the average car. The point of knowing this is to prevent accidents before they happen. You are much better off not losing a timing belt in the middle of the interstate.
  4. Clean your car. A car wash might seem vain and inconsequential, but cleaning a vehicle inside and out has many benefits. For example, pulling leaves out of a chassis keeps the air intakes free. Wiping down surfaces inside your car helps kill germs that may be present in your cabin. And keeping your vehicle clean has the psychological effect of making you 'baby' your ride. You are far more likely to drive conservatively with a car that is shiny than one that is dinged and dingy.
  5. Get an inspection. It's important to know what condition your car is in each time you drive it. Just as the manufacturer's timeline gives you a rough idea of when you can expect to need repairs, an inspection makes it much more specific. It's also preventative maintenance: heading off problems before they can spread damage throughout your car.

Most of these checklist items can be done cheaply at Brookside "66". All you must do is clean your car and bring it to Brookside for preventative maintenance to show that you care about your car!


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