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European Car Repair Is More Affordable At Brookside “66” Than A Dealership

European car repair is available at affordable prices at Brookside “66” in Kansas City. When you drive a European car, finding a service center that can perform repairs can often be a challenge. There simply might not be a repair shop nearby that services your vehicle. What do you do? Panic? Set aside an entire day to travel to have a repair performed. A major issue could leave you without a car for days or even weeks. Who do you turn to for precise European car repair? For years, owners have trusted their European car repair services to Brookside “66” service. We offer far more advantages to our customers than dealerships.

Contrary to popular opinion, a dealership does not equate to quality service. In many instances, a specialty European car repair shop will have more experienced technicians on staff. This means you as the customer will receive a higher quality mechanic at half the cost of the dealership. Many of the independent specialty shops are able to locate problem with pinpoint accuracy. If a repair is needed, the car owner can expect their vehicle to be fixed with a high degree of workmanship. At Brookside “66” in Kansas City, all of our technicians are Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified.

Most European dealerships have the benefit of having genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts in stock. However, the prices are usually very expensive. An independent European car repair shop like Brookside “66” is able to obtain the necessary OEM parts for a far less expensive price whereas many dealerships charge you a premium price for the parts because they are readily available. Saving you money on parts is a benefit of using a European auto repair shop.

Many European car owners complain about the customer service at the dealerships. Not only have they experienced long waiting periods, many dealerships treat the customer like a stranger. An independent shop is usually much more personalized. The specialty shop takes the time to keep the customer updated on every step of the repair process. The independent shop is far less likely to charge the customer excessive fees for a service that is not needed. Their goal is to earn your continued and repeat business. Brookside “66” offers far more advantages to the customer than the dealership and Brookside “66” Service is one of the top automotive repair shops that specializes in the care of European vehicles in the Kansas City area.

At Brookside “66” Service, we have a state-of-the-art service facility to pamper your car. We can handle everything from your routine factory servicing of major repairs and diagnostics. We use Original Equipment quality parts. If you are tired of the slow dealer service, come experience the difference at a smaller, independent European car repair specialist that can get most parts by the next business day. You can be sure your car is repaired properly and on time at Brookside “66” Service.

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