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Monthly Archives: October 2020

How To Instill Driving Confidence In Young Drivers

How To Instill Driving Confidence In Young Drivers

When our kids finally get their learners permits and begin to drive for the first time, there’s a tendency for some to drive timidly and without the confidence they’ll need to avoid causing traffic spots. Especially if they sense you are afraid of their driving, or lack confidence in their abilities. At Brookside “66” Service, we see families with new drivers each year, learning the ropes and trying to keep out of trouble in their first year. Something we are frequently asked is, “How do I instill confidence in my kid as they learn to drive?” Start easy and build. Begin by taking them somewhere they can learn to drive safely in, typically the empty parking lot of a closed store, or a school out for the weekend. Buy some orange cones and talk them through the steps. Be calm and soothing, or let someone else do the instruction-- if they associate driving with your panic, they may never get confidence. Make certain you are teaching good habits, such a ... read more


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