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A perfect date with your vehicle

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash


This Valentines Day, make sure to show all the love you have to that special someone. In this month's blog, we will share some ideas on having a perfect date with your vehicle! 


We all have created dates at the park, at home, or even in a different country, but have you ever thought about making a date with your vehicle? If you haven't, here are some ideas on having an effective date for this valentine's day. 


Grab takeout and pretend it is a night out: Do you always go out to dinner for a date? This time try out something different! Take your food to go, eat it in your car, put on some movies, and enjoy the time with your special someone. 

Watch the sunset together: Park your car where you have a perfect view, to watch the beautiful sunset and spend a romantic afternoon together with your loved one. 

Stargaze: If you're someone who loves the stars and enjoys nature, stargazing is a perfect activity for you to do on this valentine's day. 

Have a picnic in the trunk: This might be something that will not work if you own a small vehicle, but if you tend to have a truck or car with a big trunk, you should consider having a cute and relaxing picnic. 

Drive-in movie: If you can go to a drive-in movie and maintain social distance is excellent! But if you are creative, you can use a white sheet and a projector to have your drive-in movie. 


Before you go on a date with your vehicle, make sure everything is working correctly, including the A/C or heater! You won't want to ruin your date because it is super hot or too cold. The ideas we shared below are great if you're going to go out but still feel on your property. 

We hope this list gives you some good ideas for this Valentine's Day. If you need auto service assistance before, make sure to come and visit us now at 6244 Main St., Kansas City, MO 64113, or book your appointment here to make sure everything is running smoothly. We want to make sure that your vehicle is safe for you. Brookside "66" Service would be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have!