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At Brookside "66" Service, we firmly believe actions speak louder than words. That's why we encourage you to browse through our reviews left by our clients from Kansas City and beyond. As the neighborhood go-to auto repair shop, you can trust auto mechanics to fix complex and minor issues on Domestic, European, and Asian vehicles. That proof is in our reviews:


Elite '2020 Elite '2020 Fuel is priced in line with other places. Plus you get a full service and a garage if needed. And an inspection station. And a great location. The only drawbacks... not many pumps and a tight space to drive.


Elite '2020 Elite '2020 A bit of an excruciatingly embarrassing fact about Yours, Truly: I only recently pumped gas for the first time in my life. In fact I just passed my one year gas pumping anniversary and no, I am not 18 years old, no, I did not just get my driver's license, and no, I was not living in Oregon up until last year, either. Nor was I living in Jersey. In Oregon and Jersey it's prohibited for people to pump their own gas because in the 1940s both states were worried that people would handle the pumping incorrectly and cause environmental hazards. Imagine. And "they" had never met the likes of me. They must have just known I was going to be born some day. I'll be honest. I've been doing this gas pumping thing for a year and I *still* try and bribe the K to do it for me instead. I find it an utterly disgusting and practically upsetting task and I can't wash my hands soon enough afterward. I know, I know...how weak, how silly, how girly girl of me. Whatever. I just don't like to do it. Also, I sort of had it ingrained in me that it's not ladylike for a gal to pump her own gas, so it's not like I had this fabulous gas pumping role model or anything in my life. I won't say that it's a downright pleasurable experience here, or anything, but Brookside gets points for being small, less overwhelming and a bit old school, as others have mentioned, than, say KCMO's curiously beloved QT (seriously, I do not get the love for QT). I went in yesterday morning to the service station get my oil changed and it seemed a reasonable price, all told. Without me asking, they identified three potentially catastrophic problems with my car, too... Wasn't that nice of them. Still, even with this pending doom hanging over me, they didn't try and do any hard sells on maintenance or service, nor did they speak down to me like I was the kind of woman who doesn't like to get her hands dirty (by having to pump her own gas).


Here's what happens... My car, sometimes it gets low on gas. Just like I need coffee, my car needs it's own kind of fuel. I go to Roasterie, my car goes to Brookside 66. It's as simple as that. I drive in, all ol' school like, because the lot they're in is small (how did BIG cars of the past deal with the SMALL spaces of the time?!?!). I get out, I put my card in the thing and the nozzle in the hole, start to squeeze, and let the golden nectar pour down the gullet of my econobox. Then I get in the car and to do some texting or whatever until the tank fills up and I can get to driving again. I got my car inspected here for MO plates, and got an oil change, too. Buncha nice guys work here, probably been here for ages, and that's a good thing. Oh, I took the picture, the ONLY picture, for this damn business page on Yelp. Do I get extra credit for that? Come on, seriously... Go get gas. Here. I recommend it.


Gas is typically slightly more than the huge gas stations, but cheaper than any on the Kansas side. Service here is great though, we got our state inspections here and everyone was very helpful and nice.