Four Wheel Drive System Services in Kansas City, MO

Everyone loves driving a car with a four-wheel-drive system – until they start to have issues with it! Let Kansas City’s own Brookside “66” Service auto mechanics take a look under the hood and get your auto repair and four-wheel-drive system back in top shape in record time.

A four-wheel-drive system (also called 4x4, “four by four,” or 4WD), simply refers to a two-axled vehicle drivetrain that can move all of its wheels at the same time. These four-wheel-drive systems used to be reserved for trucks, which need them in order to navigate rugged off-road terrain. By having all four wheels able to move simultaneously, you can maneuver more difficult roads without fear of getting your car stuck. Our auto mechanics will treat your four-wheel-drive system like the sophisticated piece of engineering it is, diagnosing and repairing whatever is amiss with speed and accuracy. You’ll also find that our service advisors and full-service technicians treat you with care and respect, embodying the old-school customer care values our shop was founded upon.

Kansas City and the Brookside neighborhood have been amazingly supportive of Brookside “66” Service over the years, which is why we back our four-wheel-drive system auto repairs with a 2-year/24,000-mile NAPA warranty. Just take a look at what our happy customers have to say about us in this recent 5-star review:

“Recently I took my truck to Brookside 66 for routine maintenance. While there I mentioned that my air conditioning wasn’t working properly. As a real estate agent, I spend a LOT of time in my truck. Jeff agreed to have a look and found a clogged evaporator coil. Since my truck doesn’t have a cabin air filter, this was a common problem. Brookside went above and beyond with my warranty company who didn’t want to pay for the repairs. Bottom line, Brookside called the warranty company and after an explanation on the issue and a few pictures, my warranty company picked up the tab for the whole repair saving me over $1400.00! Brookside even arranged a rental while my truck was being repaired! Hats off to Brookside! They made a loyal customer out of me!” -- Michael D.

Brookside “66” Service combines the best features of old-school charm and new-school innovation. Our team offers good old-fashioned customer service and care coupled with cutting-edge automotive technology and techniques. We are a full-service station and auto repair shop that has been a fixture in the Kansas City community since the early 1930s. The auto mechanics at Brookside “66” Service are well-seasoned and can tackle any issue you might face with speed and precision. That way, you can get back to your busy life with as little inconvenience as possible! We encourage you to schedule an appointment for your next four-wheel drive system service today. Brookside “66” Service is located at 6244 Main St., Kansas City, MO 64113, and we are open 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM on Monday - Friday.