Fluid Exchange Services in Kansas City, MO

Wherever you may be in Kansas City, when you need a fluid exchange performed by the best in the automotive business, Brookside “66” Service is the auto repair shop to call. The Brookside “66” Service auto mechanics will get the job done in record time so you can get back to cruising down the streets of Kansas City in style.

Think of the fluids in your car’s engine as you would your own body’s fluids. They lubricate, clean, and cool down your engine so it can run smoothly. Getting a fluid exchange is a necessary part of your vehicle’s preventive maintenance schedule. When you come to Brookside “66” Service for a fluid exchange, our ASE-certified auto mechanics and service advisors will discuss your car’s preventive maintenance schedule. This might include several other preventive maintenance services in addition to getting a fluid exchange. The fluid exchange might include: switching out transmission fluid, radiator coolant, power steering fluid, and brake fluid - and all this while doling out top-tier auto repair work!

The reputation we’ve built over the years for Brookside “66” Service is a testament to the dedication we feel for the Kansas City community. Take a look at what our happy customers have to say about us in this 5-star review:

“My car, sometimes it gets low on gas. Just like I need coffee, my car needs it's own kind of fuel. I go to Roasterie, my car goes to Brookside 66. It's as simple as that.
I drive in, all ol' school like, because the lot they're in is small (how did BIG cars of the past deal with the SMALL spaces of the time?!?!). I get out, I put my card in the thing and the nozzle in the hole, start to squeeze, and let the golden nectar pour down the gullet of my econobox. Then I get in the car and to do some texting or whatever until the tank fills up and I can get to driving again.
I got my car inspected here for MO plates, and got an oil change, too. Buncha nice guys work here, probably been here for ages, and that's a good thing.
Oh, I took the picture, the ONLY picture, for this damn business page on Yelp. Do I get extra credit for that? Come on, seriously...
Go get gas. Here. I recommend it.”
-- Krysztof N.

Brookside “66” Service combines the best features of old-school charm and new-school innovation. Our team offers good old-fashioned customer service and care coupled with cutting-edge automotive technology and techniques. We are a full-service station and auto repair shop that has been a fixture in the Kansas City community since the early 1930s. The auto mechanics at Brookside “66” Service are well-seasoned and can tackle any issue you might face with speed and precision. That way, you can get back to your busy life with as little inconvenience as possible! We encourage you to schedule an appointment for your next fluid exchange service today. Brookside “66” Service is located at 6244 Main St., Kansas City, MO 64113, and we are open 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM on Monday - Friday.