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Tuesday, Oct. 15th 2019

Car Maintenance At Brookside “66” Includes Power Steering Fluid Flushes And Steering And Suspension Inspections

Car maintenance at Brookside “66” extends the life of your vehicle and keeps you and your family safe on the road. Expert technicians know about all types of car maintenance, including power steering fluid flush and steering and suspension inspections. At Brookside “66”, we understand the importance of a well-serviced vehicle.
When performed regularly, car maintenance will:
·         Reduce the depreciation of your vehicle
·         Avoid costly repairs to transmissions, engines and other vehicle components
·         Make your car perform better
·         Allow you to travel safer
·         Allow you to plan service work and not get caught with so much repair work
A power steering fluid flush is a part of car maintenance performed at Brookside “66”. Our ASE-certified technicians are always professional. Since the majority of vehicles today use aluminum rack and pinion steering gears, the aluminum wears and microscopic shavings start circulating through the gear and the power steering pump. A figure quoted by a salesman at Brookside “66” was a 28% decrease in rack and pinion assembly replacements with regular power steering flushes. At nearly $550 for an average rack replacement, it might be a big money saver. We recommend flushing your power steering fluid every 30,000 miles or two years.
Car maintenance at Brookside "66" keeps your vehicle in top shape.
The steering and suspension systems have the important job of controlling where your car goes and how it rides. The systems are not only important for safety reasons, but also enhance the comfort level of the vehicle. You should have the suspension and steering components of your vehicle inspected and adjusted according to the manufacturer’s recommended intervals. Proper inspection and adjustment will extend their life. We recommend replacing your shocks and/or struts every 50-60,000 miles. The other components in these systems will be inspected when we perform your 3,000 mile service.
As you can see, it really appears that car maintenance pays off in the long run. A J.D. Power study stated that if the average owner keeps their vehicle for 10 years and spends $2,000 per year on car maintenance and repair, they will save more than $500,000 on new vehicle costs and high-ticket repairs over their lifetime.
Brookside “66” service is a family-owned business in the Kansas City area. We have been providing honest and professional automotive service and repair to the people of the Kansas City and surrounding areas since 1978. Brookside “66” Service employs technicians and service consultants with skills of the highest level and are qualified to tackle the most complex problems with today’s vehicles. Our technicians are all ASE certified and trained year-round to keep up with the ever-changing automobile industry. We are qualified to maintain and diagnose the latest and most sophisticated automotive technology and are equipped to handle most all major and minor repairs and/or scheduled maintenance on foreign and domestic vehicles.
For more information about car maintenance, call Brookside “66” at (816) 333-0565. To schedule an appointment, click here.

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