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Tuesday, Mar. 24th 2020

Auto Repair At Brookside “66” Includes Transmission Service, Repair, Or Replacement

Brookside “66” is still open for business as usual. This is a great time to have your vehicle serviced, so you know it’s in great working order. Our staff has less than 10 employees, and we are sanitizing vehicles before and after service and sanitizing steering wheels, door handles, shift lever, etc.

Auto repair at Brookside “66” in Kansas City, Missouri, includes transmission service, repair or replacement. There are many reasons why it is necessary to bring in your vehicle for transmission service with most of them revolving around avoiding the potential to break down due to an overlooked transmission problem. Brookside “66” is a NAPA AutoCare Center and all technicians are ASE-certified professionals.

Signs that something is wrong and transmission service, repair, or replacement is needed include:
· Trouble Shifting Gears
· Gears Slip Out of Place
· Fluid Leaking
· Inoperative Vehicle
· Check Engine Light Turns On
· Burning Smell
· Grinding, Shaking, Clunking, Humming, or Whining
All these signs are indicative of a transmission problem. The transmission is the heart of the engine and provides a consistent power source to the rest of the vehicle. It is made of 800 different parts and requires an expert mechanic to identify any issues and fix them. 
Auto repair at Brookside 66 includes transmission service, repair, or replacement.
Like a heart, the transmission requires fluids to function properly. Transmission fluid is like blood going through the body, helping everything else to work. It is also essentially similar to an oil change but with a different, more specific part. The transmission service for auto repair performed depends on whether you have an automatic or manual transmission car.
It is best to check your car owner’s manual for factory recommended maintenance since each car varies greatly by make and model. However, the average vehicle needs to get a transmission fluid flush every 30,000 to 50,000 miles.
There are a lot of small particles like metal shavings that get caught up or build up in the transmission fluid and as this passes through cogs and gears, it gets stuck and wears down the various parts of the transmission. Without regular maintenance, this will lead to an auto repair and a need to rebuild the transmission in order to replace the worn parts.
The new transmission fluid improves the holding power between the clutches so that it doesn’t slip and reduces the heat created from friction. Even though a transmission service is only necessary here and there throughout the lifespan of your car, it goes a long way to extending the life of your car and avoiding any major transmission and auto repair.
A complete transmission auto repair service is the most comprehensive form of preventative transmission maintenance offered. The transmission fluid and filter are replaced, and various components are checked to make sure they are in good working order. The transmission sump and pan are replaced, and the transmission pan is cleaned. The pan’s gasket material is replaced. While the pan is removed, we also look inside your transmission to check for friction damage and metal particles. We will advise you if your transmission shows excessive wear serious enough to be of concern. Any serious issues will lead to a recommendation from our professional mechanics as to your best course of action.
Brookside “66” service is a family-owned business in the Kansas City area. We have been providing honest and professional automotive service and auto repair to the people of the Kansas City and surrounding areas since 1978. Brookside “66” service employs technicians and service consultants with skills of the highest level and are qualified to tackle the most complex problems with today’s vehicles.
For information about auto repair and other services offered by Brookside “66”, call us at (816) 333-0565. For an appointment, click here.

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